iNLS Solutions

Who are we

iNLS Solutions is a training and consulting company specialized in Environment, Health and Safety mainly for the high value added industries.

Counting with several senior high qualified and skilled trainers and consultants, in several languages, we act differently and with innovation offering to our clients solutions in order to achieve efficiency and empower the human capital as also the economical value of our clients.

Our presence spreaded in all the World and our strong innovative core joining our global stakeholders, allow us to have an iNLS Academy and a strong network of advisors focused to boost personal and collective performance.

We are iNLS Solutions, we face the challenge, and above everything, we seek solutions for our clients.


We intend to be an Academy of reference in trainings of HSE, empowering   human resources and helping growth of our customers’ businesses in emerging markets. We want to create value for people and organizations leading to greater efficiency in processes, saving environmental resources and generating obvious social benefits.


We offer specialized and innovative solutions of HSE to our customers according to their degree of specialization and expectation. We assume each mission as our local goal, thinking globally.

Initiative and Innovation

We won´t rest until we get the solution for our customers. We will incessantly seek for answers, and each problem presented will generate a holistic discussion, in order to find the best solution.


Integrity will be part of our framework with the rigor and competence that the entire team need to have as a sine qua non condition to address the quality of our products to our customers.


The adoption of best available techniques and constantly updating, with the prospect of enhancing our entire network of partners and alumni to be at the forefront of knowledge, as needed to areas of specific business solutions. We want to be fashionable… Which means that we we want to be and stay In.


In our ethical values​​, humility and know-learn after our mistakes, will be the rebirth of our new solutions. We will have no fear of making mistakes and work increasingly towards improving the capacity and competence to the satisfaction of our customers.